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Google Chrome to be launched for Android

Google Chrome is the third most used web browser in the world, and it’s not accidental the software giant is going to bring it to Android-based smartphones. This is not an official information and comes from conceivablytech. The source claims all the goodies we have seen in desktop version will be transferred to the Android version.

As it comes in a form of rumors, it is clear we have no launch date, but as we know Google and Samsung have prepared a big surprise. Though it is kept in a secret, we all guess it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Nexus Prime smartphone.  So probably Google Chrome for Android flavored smartphones will be revealed too? Who knows, but if this rumors have a piece of reality, most likely we’ll see it in the Nexus Prime as a pre-installed app. In the other hand, Google Chrome may be offered in Android Market as a simple app.

At the end, we have also heard this browser will be able to support the Skia 2D graphics library that Google has been hard at work on. But this information is not officially confirmed, too.

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Flickr Client for Android Devices

Are you a big fan of Flickr? Well, if you are also an Android user, now you have the chance to use this awesome feature on your device.

The privacy problem is also solved here. Unlike some other apps and features, here you will be able to keep your privacy of sharing, similar to what you have on your Flickr account while logging in from your computer.

In this app you have the same full-screen browsing feature and picture slideshow. In addition you will also get a chance to add locations tags. You can also use various built-in filters and add the pics to Flickr only afterwards. Then you can always share your pics via Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking sites.

So let’s shortly get the basic features of the Flickr Client for Android:

  • Share photos only with the people you want to with easy privacy settings.
  • Full screen browsing and slideshows for your photos, your contacts photos or any of the public photos from the global Flickr community.
  • Share the story behind your photo with titles, descriptions, comments and tags.
  • Keep your track of where you took your photo by keeping your location data automatically through geo-tagging.


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Ice Cream Sandwich Shown in Video

It’s not a secret for anyone that Android is one of the most popular platforms in the world now (or even the most popular one!). With each update it’s becoming better and better, that’s why everybody is waiting for the new Ice Cream Sandwich so impatiently — we can already imagine how great it will be.

Ice Cream Sandwich is a synthesis of two older versions of Android — Honeycomb that was designed for tablets and Gingerbread designed for smartphones, so it’s expected to include the main advantages of both, being compatible with both smartphones and tablets. So with the Ice Cream Sandwich update Android OS has all the chances to become more popular than iOS or any other platform.

Well, we already know Ice Cream Sandwich will be launched in October or November, but we haven’t seen it yet. Now we can see it in a video from Engadget. It’s really very interesting how Ice Cream Sandwich works, so do not waste time and push the play button.

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Android MegaPad Sounds Cool

Android tablets are very competitive nowadays, and they even can compete with the iPad 2. This is not a secret for anyone, but have you ever though what will happen if tablets sport larger screens? I mean if their screens were larger than 7 or even 10-inch. Honestly, I’ve never thought about it, as a tablet is a portable device, so it must be slim, light and small in size, but it must sport high-class features and an appropriate display to satisfy our needs. Anyway, there is an enthusiast who has made an Android tablet — oops — a MegaPad. the details are after the jump.

Martin Drashkov has made an Android-powered tablet sporting a 23-inch touchscreen and called it the Android MegaPad. Though it can’t be called perfect, this device looks quite amazing and I’ll not mind trying it out. Honestly, I do not think such devices will be popular, leastwise they can’t replace the current tablets, but I guess they have a number of advantages, too.

Anyway, this device is not something official, moreover, the author has made it in his kitchen, but watch the video and let us know what you think about this Android MegaPad.


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How To Make Your Android Feel New Again

Usually we use the same devices for two or more years, especially if we’ve bought them on contract. So it’s quite natural that sometimes we get bored with the way they look and feel. If you feel you’re already tired of your old Android phone, but can’t afford buying a new one, here are some useful tips on how to make it feel new again.

Step 1. Change the wallpaper

This can seem to be a very obvious step, but when you change the wallpaper of your Android smartphone, you get the feeling the device is kind of refreshed. You can choose a new wallpaper from those available in your phone or download new ones. Here are several interesting live wallpapers you can download for your Android phone. However, if you care for your battery life, better avoid using live wallpapers, choose nice large pics to set them as a wallpaper instead.

Step 2. Change the lockscreen

If you are tired of using the same old “slide to unlock,” try out the WidgetLocker app, which will enhance the functionality of the handset, though you will be required to pay additional $2 for it. Still it’s a very nice app worth trying.

Step 3. Change the launcher

In Android you can always use third-party launchers. This means that if you are tired of HTC Sense, MotoBlur or other manufacturer-brand UI, you can always try something new!

Step 4. Change the ROM

This option is also available. A new custom ROM can both change the look and the feel of your handset and improve the battery life and lead to better performance overall.


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