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Google Justifies Absence of ICS Visual Voicemail Application

If you own a device with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and think it can be deficient because it operates no built-in ICS visual voicemail app, then you can relax. Google recently announced it is not an error or deficiency. Google has deliberately excluded it.

The company justifies this saying the visual voicemail is carrier dependent. So Google only lets the voicemails be registered in the call log. Also, it has developed an API enabling developers and users to come forward with their own solutions based on their personal preferences. This sounds basically good, for indeed visual voicemail service is not standardized across so many carriers, but the precedents prove it can take a very long time before the carriers realize a solution to this in practice.

There is also Google Voice option (that’s if you reside in the USA) and a number of third party applications to satisfy any visual voicemail need, but this can be a bit risky for some of such applications have not been tested

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Google Chrome to be launched for Android

Google Chrome is the third most used web browser in the world, and it’s not accidental the software giant is going to bring it to Android-based smartphones. This is not an official information and comes from conceivablytech. The source claims all the goodies we have seen in desktop version will be transferred to the Android version.

As it comes in a form of rumors, it is clear we have no launch date, but as we know Google and Samsung have prepared a big surprise. Though it is kept in a secret, we all guess it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Nexus Prime smartphone.  So probably Google Chrome for Android flavored smartphones will be revealed too? Who knows, but if this rumors have a piece of reality, most likely we’ll see it in the Nexus Prime as a pre-installed app. In the other hand, Google Chrome may be offered in Android Market as a simple app.

At the end, we have also heard this browser will be able to support the Skia 2D graphics library that Google has been hard at work on. But this information is not officially confirmed, too.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Shown in Video

It’s not a secret for anyone that Android is one of the most popular platforms in the world now (or even the most popular one!). With each update it’s becoming better and better, that’s why everybody is waiting for the new Ice Cream Sandwich so impatiently — we can already imagine how great it will be.

Ice Cream Sandwich is a synthesis of two older versions of Android — Honeycomb that was designed for tablets and Gingerbread designed for smartphones, so it’s expected to include the main advantages of both, being compatible with both smartphones and tablets. So with the Ice Cream Sandwich update Android OS has all the chances to become more popular than iOS or any other platform.

Well, we already know Ice Cream Sandwich will be launched in October or November, but we haven’t seen it yet. Now we can see it in a video from Engadget. It’s really very interesting how Ice Cream Sandwich works, so do not waste time and push the play button.

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Google Prompts Developers to Update Their Apps for Ice Cream Sandwich

The next version of Android is going to be launched soon, though no exact dates are known yet. Usually, unlike Apple, Google doesn’t like to keep information in secret, so in this aspect Apple and Google are very different — Google is open for everyone, while Apple carefully chooses with whom to work. Now when the Ice Cream Sandwich launch date (whenever it is) is becoming closer, Google has published a tutorial for developers on how to port their Honeycomb apps to Ice Cream Sandwich and vice versa.

Ice Cream Sandwich will merge Gingerbread and Honeycomb, which means the apps developed only for smartphones or only for tablets must be reprogrammed to run on both. This means Google wants developers to update their apps developed for Honeycomb tablets to be compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

As Google said the software developers kit for Ice Cream Sandwich is coming soon, and it will offer a full set of tools for Android 3.2, so there is much work to do.


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Jelly Bean to Come After Ice Cream Sandwich

We are all waiting for Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich update that is going to be launched in October. Of course, it can be delayed, but as Google’s Schmidt has noted, October-November is the window they’re aiming for. Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of Android and there are several key points we can focus on. The most important of them is the merging of Android 2.+ and Android 3.+ versions. As you know, the first was developed especially for smartphones while the second one runs on tablets only.

Now do you want to know how the next version of Android — the one coming after Ice Cream Sandwich — will be called? We already know it!

According to This Is My Next, a trusted source claims it will be called Jelly Bean. That sounds nice, and we are sure it will be even cuter than Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, we can’t say how it will look and what new features it will bring, but one thing is clear — the “game-changing stuff” is pushed out to Jelly Bean.

October-November are expected to be very hot, because the iPhone 5 is going to be released this time, plus, the iPad 3 will become available in January or February, so Google must hurry to launch the new version of Android in time not to appear behind Apple.

What do you think, will there be an equal competition between iOS and Android?


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