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Google Helps You Buy Movie Ticket

Ever improving Google, has this time facilitated the search for movies, movie theaters and start times. This new service works only on iOS and Android handsets. When you do a search for a movie or a movie theater, a small ribbon will appear on the results page where posters of the movies will be displayed. Under the posters there is information about each movie and the movie theater, which currently features it.

The system works very simple (as everything on Google). You have to swipe on film posters in iOS or Android device screen and the information displayed on the poster is changed to reveal even details on the specific title. You can tap on the poster to see the movie trailer, read the reviews available for the movie or look for information as to where you can watch the movie and which the closest theaters to show it are. Speed of operation is also guaranteed, for you do not have to wait until the page loads for each movie you want to see. You can go through several movies quickly until you come across the movie, the details of which interest you. You then have to click the Start times and see additional information on the movie.

And if the movie title is underlined, then you can purchase the ticket directly from your handset, just to save time.


December 13, 2011 | 0 Comments More