Top 5 Android Smartphones of 2011

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Many great Android-based smartphones were released in 2011, and most of them were awarded with lots of attention and love. Of course, if we try to mention all those famous smartphones, it will be a list with many bullets, but here, we’ll try to put aside five of those we like more then others. I hope this list will help you if you’re going to buy your first Android smartphone or upgrade the existing one.

So here is out list of Top 5 Android mobile phones:

5. HTC Desire S

Maybe the HTC Desire S isn’t the best smartphone ever (no dual-core processor, after all, and the camera isn’t that gorgeous), but no one will argue if I say it’s still a great device, nicely built, elegant, fast and user-friendly. So no wonder it’s so popular now!

The HTC Desire S is first of all famous for running Android 2.3 Gingerbread while many high-end smartphones haven’t received this update yet. Besides, its hardware features are good, too: 1GHz Scorpion processor, Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon and Adreno 205 GPU. Together with 1.1GB of ROM and 768MB of RAM they ensure great performance and fast web-browsing.

The smartphone features a 3.7-inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen (480 x 800) protected by the famous Gorilla Glass technology. As for the camera, it’s only 5MP (with auto-focus and LED flash), but it takes rather good 2592 x 1944 pictures and shoots 720p videos at 30fps. Plus the standard Li-Ion 1450 mAh battery is more than enough to make all these features work.

The HTC Desire S is a great choice for all those who want a good smartphone for a decent price. Today the unlocked version of the smartphone costs in the range of 450$-500$, but you can find even more affordable HTC Desire S deals online, starting with a free phone and around 13£/month (UK).

4. Google Nexus S

The Google Nexus S is the next smartphone in our list of 5 most famous Android devices. Just like the HTC Desire S, it’s based on Android Gingerbread, has a great performance, especially when playing games, using multiple apps or any other features at the same time.

It has a bigger display (4.0-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen) than the HTC Desire S, so it’s a bit cooler, though the other features are almost the same – 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor (not a dual-core one again!), PowerVR SGX540 GPU, a 5MP rear-facing camera, 512MB of RAM and 16GB Storage.

The unlocked version of the Google Nexus S is much cheaper than the Desire S – you can buy it starting 400$ from most online retailers. So it’s a great choice for those who want a good smartphone without signing contracts with carriers.

3. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

For a long time I was sure that my Nokia phone had the best sound ever. Then one of my friends said I just hadn’t heard the sound of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Soon I got the chance to make sure my friend was right – the Xperia Play’s sound was really great, and even my Nokia couldn’t be compared with it…

Of course, good sound isn’t the main feature of Sony Ericsson’s smartphone. It’s a great choice for those who like gaming, too. It runs the newest version of Android OS, just like the first two devices we described. It also has a 4.0-inch LED-backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen with a slide keypad (not QWERTY, unfortunately, but a d-pad) and special gaming buttons.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play also boasts a 1GHz Scorpion processor with Adreno 205 GPU and 512MB of RAM. Its camera is only 5MP, but it’s rather good anyway.

2. HTC Sensation

Many geeks are now quarreling which Android-based smartphone is the best at the moment – the HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy S II. Some say they’re both very good, others say the Sensation is better…

I personally think that HTC’s smartphone has to take the second place in this list, leaving the first one for Samsung’s device. Of course, it has great build quality and powerful features (Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 4.3-inch touchscreen, 540 x 960 pixels, 1.2GHz dual-core processor (dual-core at last!), Qualcomm MSM 8260 Snapdragon, Adreno 220 GPU, 1GB storage, 768MB RAM, 8 MP camera with auto-focus and dual-LED flash and many others), but something makes most people like the Galaxy S II more. I guess it’s the design…

Anyway, you can buy the unlocked version of the HTC Sensation from $550 or find better HTC Sensation deals with your local carriers.

1. Samsung Galaxy S II

So the Samsung Galaxy S II seems to be the best Android-based smartphone at the moment with its huge 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen display (480 x 800), Gingerbread, 1GHz Samsung dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and the cool 8MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash.

The Galaxy S II is stylish, slim, light, but durable and very fast. A great choice for those who can spare $600 on a smartphone.

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